Evangelos Patedakis was born in the village of Agios Mironas, in Malevizi municipality in the regional unit of Heraklion, Crete and since his early childhood he had been dreaming of becoming an expert in martial arts.

He was lucky enough to come across Wing Chun, as it proved to be the only martial art that really matched his personality. He was introduced to it by a direct student of the Grand Master Gary Lam – Wong Shun Leung System (Lineage) in the early 2007.  

Due to his willingness to complete his training in Wing Chun, his fate led him to get to know Grand Master Samuel Kwok traditional Ip Man Wing Chun in Europe, in 2010. Since then he has achieved to stand out, through various competitions and distinctions has acquiring titles Teacher ( Sifu ),and Master ( Master )which are recognized worldwide.